Wrapsit™, The Portable Pet Crate

Wrapsit™, The Portable Pet Crate

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Wrapsit™ the Portable Pet Crate

Wrapsit™, The Portable Pet Crate, is the perfect soft pet crate that fits most folding chairs that you bring to the lake, camping or the beach. It’s the perfect oasis for your pet to just lay down and get comfy. No more putting your pet in a kennel, worrying about where you can hook up their leash, or “Can you dog sit this week?”  Wrapsit™, the Portable Pet Crate, has you covered.


Here are 10 impressive features of  Wrapsit™, The Portable Pet Crate!

Wrapsit™ the Portable Pet Crate Features:

1.  Simple one-time, slipcover installation that secures in place with hook and loop to fully enclose the space beneath your seat.

2.  No more re-bagging your chair! Wrapsit™ becomes its convenient carrying case by just closing the seat with Wrapsit™ in place, wrap and go!

3.  5 cubic foot, fully enclosed pop up kennel for pet containment and storage of personal items

4.  Waterproof base and interior floor to keep pet dry! Ideal for the summer days by the lake or at the beach!

5.  Extra pockets on wrapping panel, accessible even when the chair is closed. Perfect for storing loose items.

6.  Large mesh windows on four sides of this pop-up dog kennel allow for pet ventilation and viewing. Your pet loves a great view!

7.  Large zippered opening provides easy access to interior

8.  Padded handle for ease of carrying your Wrapsit™

9.  Releasable shoulder strap for use as a comfortable and convenient pet lead.

10.  Staking loops at four corner keep this soft-sided dog pen in place on those windy days. Tent stakes work great! The Wrapsit™  doesn’t come with them.


How To Assemble:

Wrapsit™ the Portable Pet Crate Assembly

Wrapsit™For Your Folding Chair:

The Wrapsit™ has a spacious area for your pets or to store your items.  I believe if you have to be comfy in the chair you sit in, it’s nice to have that worry free crate underneath your when enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

During the summer, my family loves to go to the lake to stay at the lake house. The kids love to jump off the dock, and I love being able to sit in a great folding chair with the Wrapsit™  with Bonnie. Bonnie has her comfortable oasis while I’m on the bank having my pole in the water which makes for a perfect day! Come on fish! Jump on my hook!

If my family doesn’t go to the lake, we like to enjoy the outdoors and the beauty that Alabama has to offer!

Wrapsit™ the Portable Pet Crate: My View

Why You Want To Invest:

  • People will ask where they can get one!
  • Stores small to medium dogs
  • Stores personal items
  • Sturdy and easy to tote
  • Fits folding chair around 20” to 24” seats
  • Affordable
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Multiple Uses

Win Win!!

My Thoughts:

When I received the Wrapsit™ The Portable Pet Crate, I wasn’t expecting the crate to be so big and roomy. Assembling the crate under the chair was straightforward and easy to do. It took about 5 minutes to unbox and set the container up. Super simple! It fits most folding chairs on the market.

Wrapsit™ the Portable Pet Crate

The hoops on the bottom of the pet crate are for the tent stakes when you go to the lake for the weekend or to the beach. I love this feature the most because your chair and items in the bottom won’t blow away.

Wrapsit™ the Portable Pet Crate

This beautiful little girl is Bonnie. She is a Scottish Terrier that loves to pounce you if you’re not paying attention to her. She loves you to scratch her on her tummy, and she loves this hideaway cubby the pet crate provides. The zipper is zipped up most of the way, but I left it partly unzipped to get a picture of her. She’s a bit camera-shy.

Fully unzipped this is what Wrapsit™ the Portable Pet Crate looks like:

Wrapsit™ the Portable Pet Crate

Remember when you buy one for you and your family, dog size is IMPORTANT!! Wrapsit™, the Portable Pet Crate, is perfect for a small to a medium-sized dog and only good for SHORT time frames.

Weekend Fun:

Wrapsit™ The Portable Pet Crate I found is awesome just to store loose items such as a jacket, book, snacks or your lunch and zip it up and do your thing! Just because you don’t bring your dog doesn’t mean you couldn’t use the chair and crate for something else. Win!

I hear a lake and a fishing pole whipping through the air this weekend! Does anyone want to join? I love the portable pet crate!

UPDATE: For an undetermined period of time, Wrapsit™ The Portable Pet Crate is changing the  Wrapsit price to $48 plus $7 flat rate shipping. Any coupons/discounts will be honored.

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