Father’s Day With Pilot Pens

Father’s Day With Pilot Pens

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Father's Day With Pilot Pens: Title Picture

Father’s Day is coming up, and we are scrambling to think of something for the special men in our lives. A tie, underwear or some contraption isn’t going to be good enough. Why not a good pen to conduct his business? Pilot Pens make great pens for any use! This Father’s Day you can give your dad something practical that he will always have with him.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day comes once a year to help recognize the man who helped raise and mold you into the person you’re today. Your father is the person you look up to for advice and love. He’s every little girl’s first love and every little boy’s best friend. Your Dad is the one that will always be there if you need him.


Father's Day With Pilot Pens: Pilot Pens

Finding a perfect gift for your Dad can be a little trying at times, I know. This year instead of going with the everyday humdrum type present but go with something that he will be able to use anywhere he goes. A Pilot Pen.

For the Dad’s that are writers, businessmen to just everyday use, the Pilot Pen’s will come in handy in almost every situation. He’ll think of you every time he picks it up to sign his John Hancock or to jot down a favorite verse of a song, book, or thought.

Thoughts on Pilot Pens:

I love Pilot Pens. I have personally used them for years. They’re sturdy, gel rolling pens that don’t disappoint. I bought my Dad a nice set when he was still in the military. After he had changed career fields from Load Master on the flight lines to Superintendent of Military Personnel, he was always in need of a pen that wouldn’t run out of ink or do that “skip as you wrote” bit. The Pilot made a pen that was always spot on.


G2 Limited:

Father's Day With Pilot Pens: G2 Unlimited

I love the G2 Limited premium gel roller pen that Pilot makes. The body of the ink pen has metal accents and a rich color coordinated rubber grip. It’s the perfect go-to pen for anybody, and even dad that’s looking to add a bit of style and sophistication to their everyday tasks. This pen runs about $15 and is worth every penny. I also love that I can pick multiple colors! Choose a color for every day of the week or just one to fit your personality!



Father's Day With Pilot Pens: Metropolitan

This pen, designed with a brass barrel, stainless accents, and nib; the Metropolitan is available in three premium matte finishes and barrel designs. I love how this pen feels when I write with it. This pen comes with an easy to change refillable ink cartridge for the avid writers. These pens to me, are stylish and elegant and perfect for doing some calligraphy. It reminds me of the feathered pens with ink wells on how the pens would scratch over the parchment while you were writing your deepest thoughts. Yea, I love old stuff and read to many old novels! The Pilot Pen Metropolitan prices:

  • Fountain Pen- $18.75
  • Ballpoint: $16
  • Gel Roller: $16.75

Father's Day With Pilot Pens: Metropolitan Pen uncapped with extra ink

Gift Idea’s For Dad:

So if you’re looking for a great gift for your dad, look no farther! Pilot Pen’s will make a great gift for that special guy! I know my Dad will love it! He is always wanting a good pen but never can find one, so his looking days are over!


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  • tara pittman on

    Lots of cool pens. The Metropolitan is very cool looking


  • Cassie on

    These pens look amazing! Love the different colours and what a great gift.


  • Jen Temcio on

    There are a lot of people (including myself) that are giving recommendations for father’s day gifts and these pens are a perfectly good gift for my husband who takes a lot of notes and is picky about his pens!


  • Stefanie on

    This pen is so beautiful. Unfortunately nothing for my father…. but i will remeber it for another occacion 🙂


  • Anosa on

    What I love about this kind of gift is that it comes with a stylish and elegant design plus a the tint is perfect and of course the price is just right.


  • Carol Cassara on

    It’s a lovely gift idea for dads! Pens are something that’s functional and useful especially if they are still working. I think these are great choices.


  • Colleen wool on

    These are awesome pens. They would make an awesome gift idea.


  • Azlin Bloor on

    Wo, I love these pens, they look so stylish and classy. Never mind Father’s Day, I want one!


  • Coralie on

    These pens are so nice. I like getting them for my hubby to use at work.


  • Dhemz on

    Pretty nifty gift idea for Father’s day! I’ve always been a fan of this brand. Thanks for sharing!


  • Echo on

    I love Pilot Pens! My grandpa always had a special pen and I noticed that my husband tends to use one in particular as well.


  • Cheryl on

    I love a good pen and these are all very nice and professional. They are also a good price! Pilot are some of my favorite pens to buy and use. These would also be great for a high school or college grad. Thanks for the inspiration.


  • Misty Nelson Dawn on

    It really looks a cool pen and I love all the colors. I bet my hubby would love this too


  • Annemarie LeBlanc on

    Pilot pens are always high quality and they do last a long time. The craftsmanship of these pens are just superb. We use pilot pens in the house and it is our go to choice everytime we are in an office supplies store.


  • Missy on

    Guys seem to love practical gifts, so these Pilot pens are a great gift idea for Dad. They’re also a great gift idea for myself since my kids always seem to take off with my writing utensils lol.


  • Blair villanueva on

    Pilot pens are also our favorite pens at home. It writes well and I like how it makes my writing beautifully.


  • lex on

    good pen to have, good writing feel on all you can think of spilling out. good read up here .


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