Kiss Professional InstaWave

Kiss Professional InstaWave

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Do you have a big date or job interview that you want to look your best for? Laying out your best dress or suit the night before, pressed and ready to go. In the bathroom, you make sure your makeup and accessories are in order so you can get up and go. Yes, you have it planned out, but what about your hair? Like many of us women, our hair has to look just perfect. It will be the first thing a person notices about you besides your teeth and outfit. You want to dress to kill and your hair to be the same. Never worry, the hair crisis is no longer an issue with KISS Professional Instawave curling iron.

Kiss Professional InstaWave: Benefits

The advantages of this curling iron are simple: stress-free, versatile, quick and efficient. You can use Kiss Professional Instawave in either hand without any difficulties. You can use this iron to start curling in 30 seconds! Holy batman, that is quick! The days of waiting for your iron to heat is over! The curler guarantees to produce a buoyant curl that meets your needs.

Kiss Professional InstaWave: Features

The Kiss Professional comes in 3 different sizes. If one doesn’t fit your needs, another size will! Sizes range from 3/4 inch, 1 inch and a 1 1/4 inch. So thin to thick curls, you will be covered! It has a patent pending spinner that you can control with a button to go right or left. Tangles will be no more with this curling iron with its tangle free design. It makes life simpler!

The temperatures of Kiss Professional InstaWave will and can get up to 430 degrees within 30 seconds! With that said, there is a low and high switch that has a 90-minute auto shut off timer. So if you are running late, this will be your safety net! Please just don’t make it a habit!

Heating on your iron has 2 settings to give you the correct temperature you need, low and high.  Kiss Professional InstaWave has a  smart beep to let you know when that perfect temperature has been reached. This is a very nice feature, especially if you are putting on your makeup you don’t have to worry about testing the rod with water! The best part about Kiss Professional InstaWave is that it comes with a heat resistance travel pouch! Slip your hot iron in and no worries! Perfect for the women on the go!

Kiss Professional InstaWave: How To Use

Long or short, your hair will need to be put into sections to get the best results. You will need to place the InstaWave spinner close to the top section of your hair. Press the right or left dial button for either inner or outer facing curls. That will be totally up to you which direction you want your curls to go. Allow the spinner to catch and wrap your hair completely around the hot barrel of the pearl ceramic rod, and hold.  The smart beep will sound when it is time for you to release and pull down releasing your hair. You should have a beautifully curled hair that people will rave over!


Kiss Professional InstaWave: My Thoughts

I, Wendy, received Kiss Professional Instawave to try on my hair. My hair is medium thickness and is straight as a board. I plugged in my InstaWave and waited for it to heat up. Within 30 seconds on the high setting, it was hot and ready to go. I liked the fact that I could use either hand to curl my hair, this made doing my hair a lot easier!

I made sure I brushed my hair first, then sectioned off a 1/2 inch sections. It will give me curls, and it is easier to handle. I didn’t put too much hair on the curler because it might not heat my hair up properly. I used the dial and spun my hair to the right. This is my first time using the curler I expected I would have to redo some of the curlers as a learner’s curve. To my surprise, that didn’t happen. The instructions on the back of the box were spot on.

I pulled down after the beeper went off after 15 to 20 seconds. I gently pulled downwards and had a beautiful, plump curl! Talk about someone who is so excited about not having her hair pulled from my scalp by the curling iron! I am super happy with my Kiss Professional InstaWave!  Getting rid of all my curling irons and going with this one alone, will be a pleasure!

Kiss Professional InstaWave: Final Thoughts

I think this would be something that every woman would want in her bathroom or bag. It provides you with curls that will knock the socks off anyone walking down the street. If I needed to dress for a date or an interview, you better believe I will be taking Kiss Professional InstaWave with me! To me, it’s a diamond amidst pebbles. I think would be a great addition to anyone’s bathroom.


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  • tara pittman on

    This would be great to use on special nights. My hair would look so pretty with all these waves.


  • Jennifer Gilbert on

    I can’t believe how quickly this heats up! Pretty cool, too, there is a beep when it’s time to unwind the curling iron.


  • Sarah-Louise Bailey on

    That was awesome, a complete curl in a minute! You don’t have to go to a salon on every occasion, and you can do it all by yourself.


  • Chloe on

    This would be perfect for my hair as it is so long now and I rarely do anything with it!


  • Amber Myers on

    How pretty! My daughter would really like this.


  • Tina Gleisner on

    Funny how I just heard about this new hair dryer in the last week, and here you are giving me all the information which I found fascinating. I might have loved this as a kid but now my hair is so short, I just wash, brush & done. Thanks for sharing …


  • mhaan a on

    It looks fun and easy to achieve the curly hair I wanted. Will definitely check this out. Thanks for sharing!

    Mhaan |


  • Karlyn Cruz on

    That’s pretty amazing! The curly hair is my style, I’m sure my nephew would love it.


  • Missy on

    I would love this! Anything that heats up this fast and gets the job done has my vote!


  • Rosey on

    I think it sounds like a fun new way to do your hair. I’d love to get one!


  • Dawn Gibson-Thigpen on

    this is a pretty cool product. i love that is allows you to style your hair in a lot of different styles.


  • Elizabeth O. on

    It’s an easy way to curl your hair! I love the concept and it looks a lot safer than your usual curling iron!


    • Wendy on

      Agreed! I am clumsy and like to burn myself, so this is perfect!


  • Samantha on

    I like that it is easy to use. I have tried similar products but was not able to get the results I wanted. The tips here will definitely help me get fabulous looking hair!


  • Lisa Rios on

    The KISS Professional Instawave is something pretty new for me, but it looks like a good solution for hair issues. The features are quiet amazing and it looks so easy to use as well.


  • Tiana on

    I love that it seems so easy to use – easier the better! I have wild hair so I need this!



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