Independence Day with Krusteaz!

Independence Day with Krusteaz!

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Independence Day with Krusteaz! : Logo


This 4th of July, celebrate your Independence with family, friends, and Krusteaz! Hanging out, laughing, grilling and enjoying great food will make your holiday weekend a blast! Grab your friends, grab the fireworks, and yes, grab Krusteaz Mixes, and have a weekend to remember!


Little Helper:

Jacob has wanted to learn how to cook for a while. I have let him make his sandwiches, pour his cereal and now showing him how to work the stove and oven. Krusteaz sent us many things to cook from Belgian Waffles, Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake, Triple Chocolate Cookie Mix, and Supreme Bar Mix Raspberry. We’re going to have a lot of fun in the kitchen!

Independence Day with Krusteaz!

This is Jacob holding 2 of the mixes! Cute, isn’t he? I’m biased!


Krusteaz also sent a lot more goodies than just the mixes to our home! They provided us with the cute little apron that my son is wearing, along with a Fanny pack, and a tote bag to carry Krusteaz mixes, or whatever you need!

Independence Day with Krusteaz! : Showing off his new accessories from Krusteaz!

Jacob has laid claim to all 3 items, stating he looks good in them.


Krusteaz Mixes:

Since the 4th of July is rapidly approaching, start your fun-filled day with an excellent breakfast of Belgian Waffles! You can make them simple or give them some flare! Simple recipes and ideas are provided by Krusteaz HERE.

Here some ideas what you could use with your Belgian Waffle Mix:

Independence Day with Krusteaz! : Ideas

This past weekend, my Grandfather came down from Kentucky. Mom and Dad are keeping my nephew, and we as a big family sat down and enjoyed breakfast together. Grandpa always makes his mixture from scratch and thought we did the same! My family and I loved how Krusteaz has the convenience of a box mix but still tastes as if you made them from scratch! Perfect!


Cookies, Cookies, and More Cookies:

Independence Day with Krusteaz!

Who doesn’t love cookies? I know I do! In my opinion, the best way to eat a cookie, especially a cookie like this is right out of the oven, warm and gooey with a huge glass of cold milk! Yummy! Go big or go home, right?

Since this is a holiday weekend and summer time, grab your favorite ice cream and add a scoop in the middle of cookies. I know my child loves cookies and ice cream, combine the 2, and you couldn’t ask for a happier child!

Independence Day with Krusteaz! Ice Cream Cookies


Final Thoughts:

Before this review, I have seen Krusteaz in the local grocery store, but I have never tried any of the different mixes. I’m sad to say that I’ve missed out. The mixes have simple instructions to follow and the taste of homemade.

I know this 4th of July weekend I will not have to spend so much time in the kitchen and I won’t have sacrifice any flavor, or taste! I love some of the ideas they give you to bring your flare to Krusteaz! Simple things that you can do that you have in your pantry like using peanut butter, chocolate chips, applesauce and whatever else you can think of using! The possibilities are endless for great desserts and food!

Have a safe and yummy Holiday with Krusteaz!


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