Going Fishin’ With Rapala For Father’s Day

Going Fishin’ With Rapala For Father’s Day

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Going Fishin' With Rapala For Father's Day

Gone Fishin’ With Rapala For Father’s Day! What a better way to celebrate Father’s Day than taking your dad to his favorite fishing hole? Run your line, bait your hook, plop it into the water, and wait for that big monster to bite! Nothing like having the “Gone Fishin'” sign on your door and spending time on the water!


Lures, Line, and Bait Oh My!

Any fishermen know what different hooks, lines, and lures they like to use when they go to catch any fish. My family, especially my dad loves Rapala for his fishing needs. Check out these lures and line I received to test out.


As any good fishermen know, you must have the proper equipment to get the best results. All the lures listed is ideal for Largemouth Bass. Let’s get started and I ‘ll tell you why and what is so great about these!

Going Fishin' With Rapala For Father's Day: Largemouth Bass

DayNice sized beauty!



Going Fishin' With Rapala For Father's Day

Rapala Shadow Rap Series:  This bad boy mimics a wounded minnow or a minnow in distress in the water.  It triggers the Bass to strike even though it’s not hungry. Feeding Time!

Going Fishin' With Rapala For Father's Day

Storm 360GT Searchbait:   This baby is mainly for Bass, but Catfish will strike at it too. It’s for fishing on the bottom of the lake. It’s weighted very well, and the bait falls a natural speed. You don’t want your bait to fall to the bottom to fast, the slow action of the fall will trigger a bite.

Going Fishin' With Rapala For Father's Day

Terminator Frog Series:  This is a top water bait which means it stays on the top of the water. This lure has excellent action and very lively while retrieving. The action of this bait resulted in several good and many explosive bites. Now, this lure is extremely effective on Bass, but Catfish will not bite it. (NOTE: Cats will not hit the top water at all.)

Going Fishin' With Rapala For Father's Day

Sufix 832 Advanced Superline: This Sufix Braided Line comes in 10 Lb Tinsel string but at a smaller diameter than the standard 10 Lb monofilament line. By the decrease in diameter, it makes this braided line extremely sensitive and makes working lures a breeze. A majority of professional fishermen and weekend anglers prefer braided line over other types of line. (Note: Braided Line can cut your hands and fingers)


Day Out In The Sun:

Going fishing with your dad or the family doesn’t matter as long as you are with the people you love! I love that it can be enjoyed by anyone! Catch or release or take the fish home to eat, sitting with your dad or family makes for a great day! Can you think of a better way to spend the afternoon than sitting on the lake and seeing what takes a nibble on your hook?

I’m about to run out the door and hit my favorite fishing hole with my dad and son but make sure you check out Rapala on their social media sites and pick out what you like! You’ll never catch anything sitting on the couch!!!


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  • Robin Rue on

    My husband would love this. He’s looking forward to a day of fishing this Sunday for Father’s Day!


  • Sarah Bailey on

    My Dad loves fishing so these items would be right up his street for Father’s Day – thought I would have to check which type is his favourite to make sure I get the right accessories.


  • Vanessa on

    Fishing is such a great way to make some family memories. My dad loves going fishing with my hubby!


  • tara pittman on

    Maybe my boys would catch something if they used these lures. It seems the fish dont want worms.


    • Wendy on

      I have had those days!!


  • Blair villanueva on

    My Dad loves fishing and it is our special bonding time. But I never learned how to catch huge fish, haha.


  • Cynthia Nicoletti on

    Looks like so much fun. My son and my husband have been fishing since my son was 3. He is now at this moment going on their boat to fish !! He is 22. They still both fish today and love it.


  • chen on

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m going fishing with my boyfriend this weekend and super excited right now.


  • HauteBeautyGuide on

    This sounds like a good time! I haven’t been fishing in 25 years, probably because I wasn’t very successful back then! 😉 Xx-Doran @HauteBeautyGuide


  • Annemarie LeBlanc on

    My brother and my sons love to fish. I tried fishing before but I did not catch any. Not a single one, even a tiny little fish. None. I guess fishing is not for me. I will let my brother know about these fishing gear. He’ll be thrilled.


  • Carol Cassara on

    Those are awesome. It’s nice to see fathers spending time with their sons and teaching them to fish! I think these are definitely going make the fishing easier!


  • Coralie on

    We love fishing. These are great products from a brand we have used and trusted from years. Perfect gifts for Father’s Day.


  • amer on

    Excellent idea. I haven’t planned anything yet for this weekend. Maybe this is something we could try.


  • Gemma on

    True be told, I’ve yet to experience fishing!!! happy father’s day to all dads!


  • aurora on

    That popping frog looks interesting. I didn’t know that plastic organisms can attract predators. lol


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